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Every time you encounter someone new, you assess the other person and form a first impression which is often impossible to change after being established. As this is true for you, it’s also true for everyone else so when you smile and talk to someone new, your stained teeth can cause an adverse impression to be formed. This bad impression can cause problems at the office and in your everyday life. However, if you had a bright smile with white teeth, you are bound to leave a good impression on the other person.

Unfortunately, some bad habits like smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee have caused most of us to have stained teeth. These stains are yellow or brown depending on the severity and are caused due to the corrosion of the enamel layer of the tooth. To get brighter teeth, you can opt for getting them bleached at the dentist, or you can try a home teeth whitening kit like Total Radiance.

Teeth Whitening

Total Radiance Teeth Whitening Pen is a new product that has just been released with many positive user reviews that have been posted on the manufacturer’s official website. Total Radiance is said to be the next generation of teeth whitening since it uses natural ingredients to give you professional-grade results in just a few applications with results showing from the first application.

Unlike a tooth whitening pen, Dentist uses a strong chemical whitening agent that is applied to your teeth using bleaching trays or whitening trays that help the liquid be applied to the teeth. The advantage of teeth whitening with the dentist is that the results are easily seen, but the disadvantage is that the enamel is damaged, causing the protection of the tooth to be reduced, increasing the risk of tooth decay & the cost.

According to experts in the industry, using home teeth whitening kits or teeth whitening products like Total Radiance is ideal for most people with stained teeth. However, if you have Intrinsic teeth discoloration, it’s suggested you talk to your dentist for teeth whitening methods for you as Total Radiance is most effective at eliminating extrinsic teeth discoloration.

To better understand how Total Radiance Teeth Whitening Pen can help, let’s take a look at the different types of teeth discolorations:

Different Types Of Teeth Discoloration:

There are three main types of teeth discoloration:

Intrinsic Teeth Discoloration: Can occur due to some problems which affect the inside of the teeth or the foundations of tooth formation during birth. One such example of intrinsic discoloration occurs for babies who have had tetracycline antibiotics before the age of 8 or who were born to mothers who took tetracycline antibiotics during the second half of the pregnancy. Another cause of this teeth stain is if a baby was exposed to fluoride when younger. This teeth discoloration is also caused if there is internal bleeding inside the tooth due to an accident or trauma.

Teeth Discoloration

Age-Related Teeth Discoloration: This type of teeth discoloration usually occurs as you grow older. What happens is that the enamel starts thinning as we grow older while the dentin begins to yellow. The dentin is the inside part of the tooth, and due to the enamel becoming thin, the yellow dentin starts to be seen, looking like teeth stains. Getting tooth chips can also speed up this process, especially if the pulp inside the tooth is damaged.

Extrinsic Teeth Discoloration: Occurs when your teeth’s enamel layer is damaged and stained by smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, alcohol or carbonated beverages as well as a buildup of dental plaque. This is the most common type of teeth discoloration and can be prevented by eating more healthy fiber-rich foods and less sugary starchy foods. It also helps if you floss every day and use a teeth whitening gel like Total Radiance periodically to eliminate stains and polish your teeth.

What Is Total Radiance Teeth Whitening Pen?

Total Radiance is the next step towards getting whiter teeth at home. This whitening pen contains a proprietary gel that helps whiten teeth with a mild whitening agent which is fast-acting and painless. The gel, which is to be applied to the teeth is made from ingredients like Kosher Glycerin, Carbomer, Carbamide Peroxide and Peppermint Oil and doesn’t cause side effects or cause pain in the gums.

The gel in Total Radiance also helps polish the teeth while eliminating plaque-creating bacteria. Unlike dentist teeth whitening solutions, Total Radiance uses a milder solution so that people with sensitive teeth can use it without worrying about teeth sensitivity.

What Are The Benefits Of Total Radiance?

The official website of the manufacturer contains a lot of information on Total Radiance which has helped us create this list of benefits that you can get if you use this teeth whitening pen. This list of benefits and advantages can help give you whiter teeth with some of these advantages being noticed from the first application.

The benefits of Total Radiance Teeth Whitening Pen include:

  • Polishes your teeth while reducing the teeth stains.
  • Great for those with high teeth sensitivity.
  • Doorstep delivered.
  • Ideal product for those with drinking and smoking stains.
  • Causes zero side effects like pain or gum burn.
  • Faster results to whitening toothpaste.
  • Gives whiter smile like with professional teeth whitening.
  • More effective than teeth whitening strips or bleach.
  • Can be used without a numbing agent.
  • Ideal for regular maintenance of white teeth from home.
  • Helps brighten your smile without gum irritation and tooth sensitivity.
  • Give a pearly white smile with this teeth whitening system.
  • Works faster than Colgate optic white, Crest 3d white luxe, Oral b or Crest 3d white whitestrips.
  • Helps remove yellowish and brownish stains from teeth.
  • Inexpensive home teeth whitening kit.
  • Restricts plaque buildup.
  • Noticeable results from the first application.
  • Available online via the manufacturer’s website.

Total Radiance Benefits

What Are The Ingredients in Total Radiance?

There are four active ingredients in Total Radiance which are responsible for providing your teeth whitening benefits. These components have been clinically tested and proven to be effective against teeth stains. Here is the list of active ingredients in this teeth whitener:

  • Kosher Glycerin
  • Carbomer Carbamide
  • Peroxide
  • Peppermint Oil

Total Radiance Ingredients

Final Verdict On Total Radiance:

Total Radiance is an effective teeth whitening pen that has been used by thousands of men and women around the world with many positive testimonials and recommendations being posted on the official website. The manufacturer also provides a Risk-Free Trial for those interested in getting Total Radiance delivered to their doorstep by only paying for shipping and handling at checkout. This article was written to help give a brief overview of Total Radiance with more details being present on the manufacturer’s website. Visit the manufacturer’s website to know more about the product or its trial offer.

Total Radiance Trial
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4 Responses to Total Radiance

  1. The last teeth whitener I have tried after using 5 others was Total Radiance. The reason I say that its the last one was because with TR, I found the best teeth whitener for my teeth.

    In Just 3 weeks of use, I was able to completely get rid of my coffee stains which the others hadn’t even managed to reduce before.

  2. From all the online purchases I have done, this was the slowest of them all. It took you guys over a week to deliver my Total Radiance kit. Not happy as I was told that I would only take a few days.

  3. While I have been using Total Radiance for 3 weeks now, I can gladly say that it was money well-spent. I noticed the whitening process from the first time I used it. There is an advantage to use it multiple times in a week as this can give you a reduction in teeth stains. Again, glad I got this total radiance whitening pen.

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